We help travellers to find the hospitals

that offer the best emergency care,

no matter where in the world you are.


Download direct on app stores to iPhone or Android

Also available through partners like travel agencies

insurance companies and other organizations.

Carefindy – finding the best quality rated emergency care for you

Carefindy is offering a smartphone application consisting of a map with quality rated hospitals all over the world. Our service helps people find the closest and best hospital in case of an emergency or acute illness when traveling. With our service, the users can always feel safe by knowing they can be guided to quality assured health care if needed.

Today you can find map directions to the nearest pizza hut without much effort. We believe everyone deserves the right to know the location of their closest quality graded hospital and the turn-by-turn directions to get there using your mobile phone. The GWS service Carefindy brings a clear message: “We find emergency care for you”.


Our vision is that everyone who travels should feel safe by knowing that if anything goes wrong, they can always be directed to the best possible health care – no matter where in the world the user happens to be.

Offline functionality

When telecommunication or data traffic is overloaded, finding the right hospital is difficult. Our service will be accessible offline as a global hospital map, working even if the data connection is down. This important aspect will contribute to a high value for customers and potential partners such as insurance companies.

Our service

The application will be available directly for private individuals and can be downloaded to iPhone and Android. The service will also be offered via partnership to travel agencies, insurance companies and other organizations – giving the opportunity to offer the service to end-customers.

  • Travel

    People today are living in a busy environment and want to be facilitated by technology. Before travelling, individuals rarely search for local health care, but if an emergency situation occurs it is of ease to know where to go.

  • Care

    In case of acute illness or severe injuries, the outcome differs noticeably depending on which hospital the patient is treated by. Even more so for foreigners, since they generally have limited knowledge regarding the local health care.

  • Service

    Carefindy will provide a new and innovative service providing precise information and with offline map navigation that will guide you to the best possible treatment. The service will be released as a smartphone application, and will thereby be easily accessed.

  • Technology

    The application is designed to be convenient with information in your own language which is especially important in an emergency situation. It has also the country specific emergency number if an ambulance is needed. There will be no need to contact a third part to receive information. Instead, the user can act quickly without having to call for advice.

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