The goals of Carefindy are central to its success in providing information about high quality emergency healthcare across the world. All relevant data and information are utilized to establish our organization’s performance in providing information on emergency healthcare. These goals are:

  • Safety of emergency care: that people receive information about nearby high quality emergency care without experiencing preventable harm.
  • Appropriateness of care: that people receive appropriate, evidence-based information on nearby available emergency care.
  • Partnering with consumers: that there are effective partnerships between consumers and healthcare providers and organisations at levels of provision, planning and evaluation.


Carefindy’s parent company Global Warning System (GWS) was founded in 2009, triggered by founder Professor of Medicine Lars Lidgren’s first-hand experience of the SARS epidemic 2003, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Mumbai terror attack in 2008, occasions at which lives could have been saved by targeted early warnings and reliable disaster information.

The next business step for GWS was to direct travellers to the best and closest emergency treatment in case of injury or illness abroad. This step was first initiated in 2011 with support from Lund University in Sweden as a pilot study to identify emergency hospitals across the globe that meet a set of criteria’s deemed necessary for providing high quality emergency care. The background to this is that hospitals that meet certain quality criteria, show less complications and lower mortality and morbidity rates in connection with severe injuries. Mortality can be lowered with 15 – 25% if treated at a high quality emergency hospital (WHO 2004). Thus it is not only about getting emergency treatment, it is also about getting to the right hospital for treatment. In 2016 a first smartphone application was released to the general public that directs users to nearby high quality emergency hospitals.

Global Warning System