Personal security today

New security threats seem to emerge daily in all corners of the world. Natural disasters, social and political conflicts, terrorism, epidemics, extreme weather, civil unrest, radiation and fires. And emergency situations resulting from personal injury or health incidents can arise with little notice, escalating rapidly and are difficult to foresee.

A Global Warning System keeping you safe on your travels

Safeture is a personal security solution that helps protect private and business travelers and keeps people connected with family, friends and colleagues while abroad. It provides travelers with real-time warnings, alerts and useful facts about security, safety and health threats as well as SOS response numbers for local countries. Wherever you go in the world, Safeture will provide you with information and direct notifications about security risks.

Safeture for business

Safeture services enable your company ‘s security officers and management to keep your employees safe and well informed — wherever and whenever they travel abroad. Based on our unique technical solutions as well as expertise in security and health, Safeture services provide users with an overview of local area safety and health warnings and alerts. As important, they provide internationally active companies with integrated communications tools and an instant security desktop system that will help keep your personnel and assets safe in any surrounding. So you extend the degree of personal safety and care you deliver for you employees.